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100 Spool Thread Organizer (CA635)

The 100 Spool Thread Organizer allows you to store and organize over 100 - 3-inch thread spools. This portable thread storage solution features 9 zippered see-through pockets which can hold appr...

4 Pocket Jewelry / Makeup / Crafter’s Organizer (CA340)

Yazzii Four Pocket Organizer This craft storage organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets. The pockets are zippered and have a see-through panel for easy viewing. The quilted surface o...

Accessory & ID Bag / Pouch / Cross Body Bag (CA255)

Yazzii Accessory & ID Pouch This lightweight id and money pouch offers 4 zippered pockets! 2 of them are see-through. Hang it around your neck with the adjustable strap and you'll have everyth...

Circular Knitting Needle Case Binder Organizer (CA195)

Yazzii Circular Needle Binder The Circular Needle Binder features ten see-through pockets—each designed to hold multiple circular needles. Also included are two internal zippered pockets for other...

Compact Craft / Travel / Makeup Organizer (CA20)

Yazzii Compact Craft Organizer Tote An ideal, portable solution for organizing and carrying small craft projects, notions and tools, including applique, beadwork, sewing, embroidery, sashiko, cros...

Compact Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit - Ruby Rose (IndYaz20)

A Yazzii Compact Craft Organizer and a fun sashiko stitching mini-project rolled into one. A Compact Craft Organizer featuring a small Indigo Niche sashiko kit. Apply sashiko techniques to decorate...

Craft / Jewelry / Cosplay Travel Wallet (CA346)

Yazzii Craft Wallet These small craft holder wallets are just perfect to keep all those little items for sewing. The quilted surface of Yazzii craft wallets makes them ideal for getting creative a...

Craft Notions Pouch Set & Sashiko Kit - Coconut Heaven (IndYaz510)

A 3pc Craft Notions Pouch Set and Indigo Niche sashiko kit. Stitch the kamon-style pre-printed sashiko design provided to decorate and embellish the craft notions pouches. The 3pc Craft Notions Pou...

Craft Notions Pouch Set (3PC) Sorting & Organizing (CA510)

Yazzii 3 pc Notions Pouch This 3pc Sewing Notions Pouch Set is great for sorting and organizing your sewing notions, such as needlepoint, beadwork, cross-stitch, paper piecing, or hand stitching. ...

Craft Project Folder & Indigenous Inspired Sashiko Panel (INDKit540)

A Craft Project Folder and fun sashiko stitching project all rolled into one. A Yazzii Craft Project Folder featuring an Indigenous Inspired Sashiko Panel from Indigo Niche. Stitch the panel to cre...

Craft Project Folder - Arts & Crafts Storage Bag Organizer (CA540)

Yazzii Craft Project Folder This innovative folder style craft storage tote is designed to hold the individual projects you are currently working on. The Folder with its clear front, helps you ide...

Crafter's Companion Organizer Tote (CA230)

Yazzii Crafter's Companion The Crafter's Companion is a deluxe craft organizer and carry bag from Yazzii. This is a craft organizer that places a premium on storage options, portability and conven...

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