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Mini Jewelry / Makeup / Craft Organizer (Large) - Silk Brocade (PA14XS)

The Same great classic organizer but with a special silk brocade finish! Portable Jewelry/Makeup/Craft Organizer for storing small craft projects, notions, materials, jewelry and anything on the go...

Double Bangle Roll/Bracelet Organizer

An innovative Yazzii Organiser to store your precious bracelets, watches and bangles. This storage case has 2 rolls on either side of a protective panel that divides the case. This division protec...

Accessory & ID Bag / Pouch / Cross Body Bag (CA255)

Yazzii Accessory & ID Pouch This lightweight id and money pouch offers 4 zippered pockets! 2 of them are see-through. Hang it around your neck with the adjustable strap and you'll have everyth...

Project / Craft / Jewelry / Makeup Pouch - Portable Storage Bag Organizer (CA490)

Yazzii Project Pouch This very functional and efficient small craft pouch has 7 pockets - five of these have see-through plastic for viewing and quick retrieval of your craft supplies! The plastic...

Sewing Machine Feet / Jewelry Roll Organizer Bag (CA750)

Yazzii Sewing Machine Feet / Jewelry Organizer The Yazzii Machine Feet / Jewelry Bag is a great organizer for your sewing machine feet or Jewelry. The items are stored in see-through pockets so th...

Compact Craft / Travel / Makeup Organizer (CA20)

Yazzii Compact Craft Organizer Tote An ideal, portable solution for organizing and carrying small craft projects, notions and tools, including applique, beadwork, sewing, embroidery, sashiko, cros...

Deluxe Craft /Jewelry Storage Portable Organizer (CA610)

Yazzii Deluxe Craft / Jewelry Storage This double-sectioned organizer will help organize all your jewelry or craft accessories in one place. The upper section has a total of 10 pockets and the low...

Mini Jewelry/Makeup/Crafting Organizer- Petite (CA10)

Yazzii Petite Organizer This organizer tote bag has 6 zippered compartments with see-through panels for storage of your smaller craft accessories. Ideal for scissors, needles, laying tools, thread,...

Double Petite Craft / Jewelry / Makeup Portable Organizer Bag (CA220)

Yazzii Petite Double Organizer This double petite organizer is conveniently divided into 2 sections. The upper section has 1 fabric pocket and a box-like area to store smaller accessories. The low...

4 Pocket Jewelry / Makeup / Crafter’s Organizer (CA340)

Yazzii Four Pocket Organizer This craft storage organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets. The pockets are zippered and have a see-through panel for easy viewing. The quilted surface o...

Trinket Sewing Notions Fold Up Case (CA516)

Yazzii Trinket Fold Up Case An excellent idea to store your small jewelry! There are 6 clear see-through pleated pockets. The pleats allow for expansion to hold bulkier notions or larger earrings....

Original Mini Craft / Jewelry / Makeup Portable Organizer Bag (Large) (CA14)

Portable craft organizer for storing small craft projects, notions and materials. Mini Craft Organizer is designed as the perfect solution for storing and organizing small craft projects, as well a...

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