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Thread Organizer - Portable & Multipurpose (CA625)

Yazzii Thread Organizer The Thread Organizer by Yazzii in a classic clutch design: store, organize, and carry up to 50 spools of sewing thread—your full-color range at your fingertips. The embro...

Crafter's Companion Organizer Tote (CA230)

Yazzii Crafter's Companion The Crafter's Companion is a deluxe craft organizer and carry bag from Yazzii. This is a craft organizer that places a premium on storage options, portability and conven...

Sewing Machine Feet / Jewelry Roll Organizer Bag (CA750)

Yazzii Sewing Machine Feet / Jewelry Organizer The Yazzii Machine Feet / Jewelry Bag is a great organizer for your sewing machine feet or Jewelry. The items are stored in see-through pockets so th...

Deluxe Double Craft / Jewelry Portable Organizer Bag (CA16)

Yazzii Double Deluxe Organizer This organizer is conveniently divided into 2 sections. The upper section has 2 see-through pockets and a large storage area for larger items such as scissors, fab...

Oval Jewelry / Makeup/ Craft Organizer Portable Bag (CA140)

Yazzii Oval Organizer Functional and well-finished, the Oval Craft Organizer Bag features 4 'pages' of zippered storage—six main sections with zippered see-through pockets—12 storage compartments ...

Cutting Mat Carry Bag (CA570)

The Cutting Mat Carry Bag from Yazzii gives quilters and crafters a portable storage solution for their cutting mats and rulers, whether at home or travelling to class. This carrying case can easil...

Yazzii Storage Craft Box - Fabric Top (CA474)

Perfect storage box, offering plenty of space for your notions and craft accessories. The box is separated into two compartments. The first compartment has 4 detached pockets of different configura...

Craft Notions Pouch Set (3PC) Sorting & Organizing (CA510)

Yazzii 3 pc Notions Pouch This 3pc Sewing Notions Pouch Set is great for sorting and organizing your sewing notions, such as needlepoint, beadwork, cross-stitch, paper piecing, or hand stitching. ...

Craft / Jewelry / Cosplay Travel Wallet (CA346)

Yazzii Craft Wallet These small craft holder wallets are just perfect to keep all those little items for sewing. The quilted surface of Yazzii craft wallets makes them ideal for getting creative a...

100 Spool Thread Organizer (CA635)

The 100 Spool Thread Organizer allows you to store and organize over 100 - 3-inch thread spools. This portable thread storage solution features 9 zippered see-through pockets which can hold appr...

Yazzii Carry-All Craft Organizer (CA120)

A Crafter's Dream! Get organized with this ultimate craft storage bag. This bag has enough depth to provide additional space for unfinished projects and an 18" x 12" cutting board. An incredible or...

Petite Craft Organizer XL (CA11)

The Petite Craft Organizer XL is a quilted petite craft organizer with additional compartments and storage options. It features four zippered compartments with see-through panels as well as a zippe...

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