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Oval Sewing Box & Sashiko Kit - Honey Delight

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$39.25 USD

A combined Yazzii Oval Sewing Box and fun sashiko project. Available in aqua, fuchsia, green and navy colors.


An Oval Sewing Box that includes an Indigo Niche sashiko kit. Stitch a beautiful pre-printed kamon sashiko design to decorate your sewing box. 

The Yazzii Oval Sewing Box is a great way to store all of your sewing craft notions and tools, from needlepoint to embroidery, presented in a classic quilted sewing box design.

Sewing Box Sashiko Kit Contents

  • Aqua/Fuchsia/Green/Navy color Yazzii Oval Sewing Box

  • Kamon sashiko block design as displayed

  • Required sashiko threads for the project

  • Includes one sashiko needle

Approx. Sewing Box Dimensions

  • 8.7" x 6.1" x 3"