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Compact Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit - Ruby Rose (IndYaz20)

Compact Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit - Ruby Rose (IndYaz20)

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A Yazzii Compact Craft Organizer and a fun sashiko stitching mini-project rolled into one.

A Compact Craft Organizer featuring a small Indigo Niche sashiko kit. Apply sashiko techniques to decorate your Yazzii Compact Craft Organizer.

The compact organizer is designed for carrying and organizing your small craft projects, including appliqué, beadwork, hand stitching, and more.

Kit Contents

    • Aqua/Fuchsia/Green/Navy color Compact Craft Organizer 
    • Pre-printed kamon sashiko design as displayed
    • Required sashiko threads for the project 
    • Includes one sashiko needle

    Approx. Compact Craft Organizer Sizing

      • Size Closed – 10" x 5.5"
      • Size Open – 10" x 16.5"
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