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4 Pocket Jewelry / Makeup / Crafter’s Organizer (CA340)

Yazzii Four Pocket Organizer This craft storage organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets. The pockets are zippered and have a see-through panel for easy viewing. The quilted surface o...

Petite Craft Organizer XL (CA11)

The Petite Craft Organizer XL is a quilted petite craft organizer with additional compartments and storage options. It features four zippered compartments with see-through panels as well as a zippe...

Single Knitting Travel Bag & Organizer, Yarn Tote (CA05)

Yazzii Knitting Carry Tote An excellent on the go Knitting Tote. Be ready to move with your small projects, keys, phone etc. Perfect for train travel, car trips, waiting on appointments or just ou...

Oval Jewelry / Makeup/ Craft Organizer Portable Bag (CA140)

Yazzii Oval Organizer Functional and well-finished, the Oval Craft Organizer Bag features 4 'pages' of zippered storage—six main sections with zippered see-through pockets—12 storage compartments ...

Circular Knitting Needle Case Binder Organizer (CA195)

Yazzii Circular Needle Binder The Circular Needle Binder features ten see-through pockets—each designed to hold multiple circular needles. Also included are two internal zippered pockets for other...

Project / Craft / Jewelry / Makeup Pouch - Portable Storage Bag Organizer (CA490)

Yazzii Project Pouch This very functional and efficient small craft pouch has 7 pockets - five of these have see-through plastic for viewing and quick retrieval of your craft supplies! The plastic...

Crochet Hook Organizer Case (CA241)

Yazzii Crochet Hook Organizer Finally, a total solution for all your crochet hooks, smaller accessories, patterns, and space to store some threads as well. There are ample slots for your collectio...

Maxie Yazzii - Portable Storage Craft Bag Organizer (CA375)

Yazzii Maxi 3 pc. Set Imagine everything you need for quilting or crafting in one perfectly organized craft tote bag! This craft carrying bag has 11 gusseted zipper pockets that accommodate thr...

Trinket Sewing Notions Fold Up Case (CA516)

Yazzii Trinket Fold Up Case An excellent idea to store your small jewelry! There are 6 clear see-through pleated pockets. The pleats allow for expansion to hold bulkier notions or larger earrings....

Accessory & ID Bag / Pouch / Cross Body Bag (CA255)

Yazzii Accessory & ID Pouch This lightweight id and money pouch offers 4 zippered pockets! 2 of them are see-through. Hang it around your neck with the adjustable strap and you'll have everyth...

Deluxe Double Craft / Jewelry Portable Organizer Bag (CA16)

Yazzii Double Deluxe Organizer This organizer is conveniently divided into 2 sections. The upper section has 2 see-through pockets and a large storage area for larger items such as scissors, fab...

Knitting Needles Case - Folding Organizer Case (CA190)

Yazzii Knitting Needle Case The ideal needle case for all knitting needle types, including long, short and circular. A quilted knitting needle case with 20 storage pockets: 12 for larger needles a...

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