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Solutions to Store & Organize Threads!

A thread spool is an essential part of sewing. Different color spools, when properly organized, are amazing to look at. Having them properly organized, and easily viewable, makes your next choice easy. Thread, however, when kept outside of proper, sealed, storage - tends to get dusty and more importantly (due to UV light) the colors can start to break down, losing their vibrancy and color saturation. The solution for this, storing threads in a specialized box; while stopping the colors from fading, is only one of a number of possible solutions.

Storing multiple threads in boxes can be too loose or can get easily tangled. To sort them out you have to take out the entire box and reorganize. This becomes tedious work if it needs to be done frequently.

How do I store a lot of thread?

Thread should be stored in a suitable container that will always keep the spools separated and tangle-free; such as clear bins, thread box, or wall-mount rack (with pegs for each thread spool). Thread can also be stored in boxes or bins with small compartments or separators. Using a special thread rack (whether wall-mounted or standalone) with pegs for the individual spools, or making your own rack by adding pins to a pegboard, are also effective methods for keeping your thread tangle-free. When storing thread, keeping the loose ends neatly separated is the most important thing). Some spools, such as the G√ľtermann thread spool, include a thread-end keeper. If your thread spool lacks a thread end keeper, wrap a small piece of tape around the spool to keep the loose ends safely tucked in. The solutions above, however, are not suitable for traveling.

This is where a separate solution must be sought and Yazzii Thread Organizers are the perfect alternative, as they are great for home storage and easy to carry and take up less space.

How to Organize Different Types of Threads 

First, threads should be categorized according to their usage and type. You most likely have machine sewing threads, hand sewing threads, hand quilting threads, and embroidery threads in your range. Sorting through all of that is a good place to start. Next, sort by fiber type. This is especially true if you have a large collection with multiple thread types. For example, you could have collections of both glossy cotton embroidery floss and matte wool floss. If you frequently machine sew, it's a good idea to separate polyester thread and cotton thread, but only if you use them for different end purposes. Separate the threads based on how they are wound. Sort your threads into the following categories: cones, spools, bobbins, balls, and skeins. If you want a hassle-free alternative, there are Yazzii Thread Organizers which are see-through, so you can easily identify the threads when needed even before opening the Yazzii Bag (super important when traveling, so the bag does not need to be fully unpacked, either in a hotel room, or especially on a plane). This saves time and once you have finished you can put it back without disturbing the other threads easily. 

Finally, there is color. Colors can be divided into two categories: warm and cool. Alternatively, arrange larger collections in a rainbow pattern. Aesthetically, this is the best overall choice. If you choose your machine sewing threads by color, keep similar colors together regardless of fiber content to make it easier to pull out what you need at a glance. 

How do you store threads in a sewing room?

In a Cabinet

A single drawer will suffice for a small spool and bobbin collection. Threads are easily accessible while remaining resistant to fading and dust. Lay spools on their sides in your drawer to see colors at a glance. Stand spools up to save space as your collection grows. Bobbin storage can be accomplished with a simple tin or tray.

Thread Stand

A thread stand is a classic for a reason: it works and it looks nice. The stands come in a variety of sizes and can hold a lot more thread than a standard-sized drawer. Put yours somewhere out of direct sunlight to keep the thread from fading.

Bobbins Keepers

Bobbins will continue to unwind and tangle. Furthermore, their small size makes them difficult to keep track of. Bobbins and spools can be stored together using a rubber band, golf tee, or a clever product like Bobbin Holders. If you prefer to keep your bobbins separate from your spools, you can keep them in small tins, special-made bobbin boxes, or even regular ice cube trays.

In Glass Jars

This option is ideal for embroidery floss and can also serve as décor if you organize your stash in attractive color groups. Embroidery floss is typically sold in unwieldy skeins, so wind skeins onto clothespins or traditional floss bobbins first. Then, store the bobbins in a jar to enjoy the vibrant colors while keeping them dust-free.

Wall Rack

A wall-mounted rack, like the thread stand, stores thread in a compact and highly visible manner, with everything at eye level. Make your own wall-mounted rack and finish it with a pretty frame that matches your décor. Plus, as long as the dowel or nail is long enough, you can store the thread for each spool alongside the spool! Again, avoid direct sunlight if possible, a shady location is preferable (anything that is outside of direct UV light will help the colors last much longer).


How do you store large spools of thread?

To store large spools of thread, a wall rack is an option. But that’s not feasible for most people. This is where Yazzii thread storage bags come to the rescue. Yazzii organizers are handcrafted by expert artisans. This transparent organizer comes in two different sizes. The smaller version, Yazzii Thread Organizer, can store more than 50 spools of sewing thread. The larger organizer, the 100 Spool Thread Organizer, can carry over 100 spools of 3 inch thread spools. The 100 spool organizer has 9 zippered and transparent pockets. Each one of these pockets can carry at least 12 thread spools each. 

The approx. size dimensions of the smaller Yazzii Thread Organizer are: 

Depth: 3.9" Width: 11.75" Height: 4.9"

The approx. size dimensions of the 100 Spool Thread Organizer are:

Length - 12" Width -  9.25" Height/Depth -  3.75"

A wide variety of colors are available: 

  • Black¬†
  • Aqua¬†
  • Fuchsia¬†
  • Green¬†
  • Navy¬†
  • Purple¬†
  • Red

 100 Spool Thread Organizer

Why are Yazzii Thread Organizers convenient for travel?

If you are a sewing and quilting enthusiast and can’t stay away from it even during vacations/trips away from home, then carrying a box becomes a burden. The Yazzii organizer opens flat, revealing two gusseted and zippered see-through pockets on each side (for a total of four pockets), allowing you to easily view and access your thread collection. This useful and functional thread storage case is closed with Velcro, and has elastic straps in the middle for adding scissors or craft tools. The ideal solution for transporting your threads to a sewing workshop or simply storing them in a convenient location at home.

Yazzii Organizers, taking up less space in your home, or for carrying to workshops, these affordable and ideal thread organizers are a must for every quilting and sewing enthusiast.