Decorating a Yazzii Craft Box Step by Step

Decorating a Yazzii Craft Box Step by Step

Michelle from Michelle’s Patchwork has once again created something gorgeous using our trims and ribbons, decorating a CA474 Yazzii Craft Box Fabric Top. She did something similar recently with a Yazzii Craft Project Folder to great effect.

Michelle live-streamed the whole step-by-step process over two videos, which we’ve share with you here.

1. Decorating and preparing the fabric

Methods: quilt as you go, crazy patchwork.

2. Attaching your decorations to the Craft Box Fabric Top

The quilted surface of Yazzii organisers make them ideal for getting creative in any craft medium you like to work in. Have you personalized your Yazzii bag? Let us know and we’ll feature your work in our blog.